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About Hospital Aliança

Excellence, constant improvement and human consideration. These are the pillars that paved the path of Hospital Aliança in the Bahia Health market. The Hospital, The Aliança Medical Centre and the Adult and Pediatric Emergency Rooms are all located in the same complex.

Hospital Aliança Structure

With 203 beds, the Aliança Hospital has had more than 250,000 visits over the last 20 years. Currently, the hospital has 1,552 employees working in 60 strategic teams.

The teams consist of physicians specializing in orthopedics, radiology, general surgery, general medicine, neonatology, pediatrics, cardiology, infectious diseases and intensive care.

Multidisciplinary groups work in the Emergency Rooms, the Intensive Care Unit (UCI), the Intermediate Care Unit (UMCU or IMC), and the Pediatric Care Center.

The Hospital Aliança has an open clinical board of staff, which means that patients can be seen by trusted doctors of their own choice. Over 2,500 professionals are registered to see their patients at the Aliança Hospital, with the close assistance of the hospital's medical staff.

Location of the Hospital Aliança:

Hospital Aliança is located at Av. Juracy Magalhães Júnior, 2096, Rio Vermelho – Salvador – Bahia. CEP: 41920-900 / Telephone: 55 71 2108-5600.

Hospital Aliança Emergency Rooms

Hospital Aliança Emergency Rooms are intended for initial treatment of medical conditions characterized as emergency and urgent. Multidisciplinary teams composed of general practitioners, general surgeons, orthopedists and nurses are on call 24 hours a day.

Immediate priority is given to patients with more serious conditions. For this, we conduct an initial screening that consists of an assessment by nursing staff, followed by a medical check to evaluate risks and assess the needs of the patient.

In this assessment, the vital signs are measured and the symptoms are recorded to evaluate the severity of the patient's condition. Patients are then seen by the doctors on call, in order of priority. Sometimes patients with minor symptoms or less serious conditions than others in the emergency rooms, may need to spend some time waiting.

Levels of care:

Emergencies: are life threatening conditions and require immediate medical care. For example: cardiac arrest, trauma, respiratory failure, major burns, major bleeding, loss of consciousness and certain chest pains.

Urgent situations: include significant medical problems that require medical attention as soon as possible. For example: persistent abdominal pain, chest pain, foreign body, renal colic and fever.

Non-urgent situations: minor conditions or injuries which do not require immediate medical care. For example: chronic headache, constipation, rhinitis, colds, mild gastrointestinal disorders, joint pain and conjunctivitis.

Need for specialized medical care

In some cases, after the initial assessment, the emergency physician may request the opinion of a specialist. The choice of this second evaluation, is a decision of the patient and their family who may choose a doctor covered by their health insurance plan, or a private physician. In both cases, this professional must already be registered with the Hospital Aliança.

Health Insurance and Health Plans Accepted

In addition to offering private care, Hospital Aliança also accepts Health Insurance and Health Plans. See below the list of Health Insurance and Health Plans accepted by the Hospital.

  • Allianz Saúde
  • Amil
  • Asfeb
  • Bradesco
  • Care Plus
  • Casseb
  • Elekeiroz
  • Euro Center
  • Fio Prev
  • Fusex
  • Gama Saúde
  • Golden Cross
  • Inter Mutuelles  ( Internacional )
  • Mastermed
  • Medial  Saude  
  • Mediservice
  • Mondial Assistance
  • Notre Dame
  • Omint
  • Osde  Binario ( Internacional )
  • Plan- Assiste  Ministério Público  Federal
  • Plan- Assiste  Ministério  Do Trabalho
  • Plan- Assiste  Minist. Militar  
  • Petrobrás
  • Petrobrás  Distribuidora
  • Porto Seguro
  • Promédica   
  • Sul América
  • Saúde  Caixa
  • Trf – Tibunal Regional Federal
  • Tempo Saúde
  • Unafisco
  • Unimed Salvador
  • Unimed Sudoeste
  • Unimed  Central Nacional
  • Vidamed

Important Information

If you have health insurance, do not forget to bring your health plan card, the proof of payment (if your plan is individual), and an official identification document (ID, Social Security number, driver's license, passport or birth certificate).

For further information please contact your Health Plan Provider. For questions about the Hospital, contact our Customer Service by phone on (71) 2108-5886.

For payments by credit card, check or cash, contact our finance team by phone on (71) 2108-5797 or use our Contact Us page.

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